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I'm Schwarzfahrer_in, an Emo-Punk from zurich. I compose, performe and produce music. My music is released on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Youtube and if you like my content there, you can support me on Patreon under the name "Schwarzfahrer_in". My first recordings where named "Short Storys" and they have been produced with my neighbourhoodband "Fjälla" during the pandemic.

My goal is to create good and satisfying content for everyone and to stay in contact with my listeners. The Album I released in the year 2023 was called "What have you just seen" and is inspired by blues, rock and punkelements. The Intruments I use to performe, is the saxophone, the electric/accoustic guitar, the harmonica and of course my own voice. The languages I write in are German, French and English. If you want to follow my content, follow me on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp all under the name "Schwarzfahrer_in". The first contact I had with open stages and music in a social context, was in the Atelierschule in zurich from there on I knew exactly, where my switches for live where leading to. My releases will be regurarily per month with one new song and on my Instagrampage I will always announce the concerts I'll give.

I can produce you 

If you need someone for your own projects to be done you can contact me over the commentsection below. I use Cubase, in order to create my stuff and the one of others and in my studio you have the possibility to use good gear, just as Rodemicrophones, E-drums, E-Guitar, Accoustic-Guitar, Pino, Bass and of course someone who plays Saxophone. Per hour it will cost you 18 swiss Francs, as long as your using the studio. If you want to create Youtubecontent, the equipment for this would be here to and the costs would be the same. I've got cameras here, a cuting-programm and good speakers. 


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